Valérie Gaucher

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This work focuses on the relevance of antibacterial nanofibers based on a polyelectrolyte complex formed between positively charged chitosan (CHT) and an anionic hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin (CD)-citric acid polymer (PCD) complexing triclosan (TCL). The study of PCD/TCL inclusion complex and its release in dynamic conditions, a cytocompatibility study,(More)
Multilayer coextrusion processing was applied to produce 2049-layer film of poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene adipate) (PBSA) confined against poly(lactic acid) (PLA) using forced assembly, where the PBSA layer thickness was about 60 nm. This unique technology allowed to process semicrystalline PBSA as confined polymer and amorphous PLA as confining(More)
A series of almost fully substituted Fatty Acid Starch Esters (FASEs) has been obtained in a homogeneous LiCl/DMAc medium by grafting octanoyl (C8), lauroyl (C12) and palmitoyl (C16) chlorides onto 3 starch species: Amylo-Maize, Potato and Waxy Maize. Structure-property relationships of FASEs are investigated as a function of both fatty acid chain length(More)
Chitosan (CS) presents antibacterial, mucoadhesive and hemostatic properties and is an ideal candidate for wound dressing applications. This work reports the development of sponge-like materials obtained from physical hydrogels after the interaction between CS and a β-cyclodextrin polymer (PCD) in acidic conditions to provoke immediate gelation.(More)
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