Valérie Fontès

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BACKGROUND Relapsing polychondritis is a rare autoimmune disease, characterized by recurrent inflammation of cartilaginous tissues. In some cases, many other tissues can be involved. CASE REPORT We describe the case of a 64 year-old man with relapsing polychondritis, whose first symptoms were papulonodular and mucosal aphthous lesions. The skin biopsy(More)
INTRODUCTION Colchicine is a treatment used for aphthous stomatitis but its efficacy has never been proved. We report the results of an open trial of 54 patients treated with colchicine for aphthous stomatitis. The aim of our study was to assess the long and short term efficacy and tolerance of this molecule in this disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS The case(More)
INTRODUCTION Diagnosis of atopic dermatitis currently relies on diagnostic criteria scales developed by Hanifin and Rafka in 1980 and by the "United Kingdom Working party" in 1994. Some authors have proposed: "AEDS" [sM1] and "Atopiform Dermatitis", which has led to the distinction between different sub-populations and the exclusion of certain diseases from(More)
INTRODUCTION The association of manifestations in the mouth and Vitamin B12 deficiency is already known. The signs are not specific to Vitamin B12 deficiency, however they may reveal the deficiency and this is often ignored and leads to delays in diagnosis. We report two cases of Vitamin B12 deficiency revealed by stomatodynia, glossitis and erosions in the(More)
Topical treatments are used in first intention for moderate forms. These treatments may be associated if necessary with systemic treatments. Topical steroids, vitamin D3 derivates, and a retinoid (tazarotene) are the most useful treatments. Chlormetine is used sometimes, but a sensitisation occurs quickly. We must know that psoriasic skin is notably(More)
INTRODUCTION Pellagra is an exceptional disorder in France. The classical description of pellagra associates a photoinduced rash with neurological impairment and intestinal dysfunction. Without adapted treatment, the progression is fatal. CASE REPORT A 62 year-old women developed a photoinduced rash, composed of circular and erythematous elements with(More)