Valérie Douzal

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PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate patient tolerance and technical success of the anterior knee puncture approach for arthrography by using two different routes. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study had Strasbourg University Hospital review board approval. Informed consent was obtained from all patients (and from their parents, if patients were minors). In 159(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasonography is a well-established efficient diagnostic tool for ileocolic intussusceptions in children. It can also be used to control hydrostatic reduction by saline enemas. This reduction method presents the advantage of avoiding radiations. Parents can even stay with their children during the procedure, which is comforting for both. The(More)
The authors evaluate the merits of computer reconstructions in the coronal and sagittal planes to assess the anatomy of the facial structures. If the patient can be kept motionless, the coronal plane provides information similar to those obtained by a study with direct sections. The ethmoidofrontal recesses, the lamina cribrosa, the thin relief of the(More)
Traumatic injuries of the hip, mostly fractures of the proximal femur, are in constant progression. Though morbidity has decreased due to improved surgical and anesthesiologic techniques and postsurgical rehabilitation, mortality from hip fractures remains significant. Radiographs of the hip remain helpful, but MDCT and MRI have become indispensable tools.(More)
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