Valérie Chanal

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This paper looks at what happens when Communities of Practice are used as a tool for Knowledge Management. The original concept of a Community of Practice appears to have very little in common with the knowledge sharing communities found in Knowledge Management, which are based on a revised view of 'cultivated' communities. We examine the risks and benefits(More)
– This paper describes two methods designed to study and diagnose innovation processes. The first one adopts a systems perspective and focuses on information flows and decision-making during a project, whereas the second one privileges a cognitive approach and is aimed at highlighting actors' representations of innovation processes and new products. A(More)
Although the concept of exploration has been widely used in management research since James March's seminal article, the literature on exploration remains rather fuzzy. The question of exploration is dominated by the literature on ambidexterity but this research actually says little about concretely managing exploratory innovation itself, although this(More)
If there are quite a lot of collaborative-works environments for innovation management, few of them provide features dedicated to the previous and crucial stage of emergence of ideas. This article presents the IM Station, for Innovation Management Station, a software facilitator for communication and knowledge sharing. Its main goal is to help people to(More)
The paper presents a scenario-based methodology developed and tested throughout cooperative research and development projects. It is aimed at supporting information technology innovation with an end-to-end Human and Social Sciences assistance. This methodology provides an integrated approach combining a vision of the potential users, business aspects and(More)
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