Valérie Cawoy

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The mechanisms of floral nectar production in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, Polygonaceae), a distylous pseudo-cereal, have received relatively little attention, prompting an investigation of the factors that regulate this process. The aim was to perform a refined study of the structures that secrete nectar and of the internal and(More)
Morphogenesis of the reproductive structure of buckwheat and the impact of light conditions on flowering time and duration have been investigated using the variety 'La Harpe'. Inflorescences were initiated acropetally, in leaf axils, by the shoot apical meristem until its arrest of functioning which was accompanied by the abortion of the last inflorescence(More)
Grain yields in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) are consistently low despite a profuse and long-lasting flowering. The mechanisms underlying this reproductive failure are still largely unknown. In this study, performed in strictly controlled conditions, the possible implication of assimilate availability in the regulation of the reproductive development(More)
Corinne Maréchal1, Valérie Cawoy2, Christine Cocquyt3, Gilles Dauby2, Steven Dessein3, Iain Douglas-Hamilton4,5, Jef Dupain6, Eberhard Fischer7, Danielle Fouth Obang8, Quentin Groom3, Philipp Henschel9, Kathryn J. Jeffery10,11, Lisa Korte12, Simon L. Lewis13, Sébastien Luhunu14, Fiona Maisels11,15, Mario Melletti16, Roger Ngoufo17, Salvatore Ntore2,(More)
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