Valérie Briois

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Although the current production of oxide nanoparticles may be modest, the wide range of proposed applications and forecasted growth in production has raised questions about the potential impact of these nanoparticles on the environment and human health. Iron oxide nanoparticles have been proposed for an increasing number of biomedical applications although(More)
It is now well-known that copper (Cu) can accumulate on the surface of soils upon which pig slurry has been applied. This is due to the high quantity of Cu in pig slurry resulting from its use as a growth promoter in animal feeds. The mobility and bioavailability of Cu from pig slurry spreading can be better predicted by determining the speciation of this(More)
Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel slag is a residue from the basic oxygen converter in steel-making operations, and is partially reused as an aggregate for road constructions. Although BOF slag is an attractive building material, its long-term behaviour and the associated environmental impacts must be taken into account. Indeed BOF slag is mainly composed of(More)
The ability of assembling inorganic, organic, and even bioactive components in a single material unfolds an exciting direction in the development of novel multifunctional hybrid materials. Recently, we have observed that the hydrophilic/hydrophobic character of the organic polymeric moieties determines the swelling/diffusion control of the drug release. In(More)
Time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Quick-XANES) has been combined with UV-vis and Raman spectroscopies to study the in situ reduction of Ce4+ to Ce3+ in ethanolic solution with a time resolution of ca. 4-5 s. For this purpose, a cam-driven oscillating double-crystal monochromator with a channel-cut crystal was combined with two spectrometers for(More)
This paper presents a comparison between several methods dedicated to the interpretation of V K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) features. V K-edge XANES spectra of several V-bearing standard compounds were measured in an effort to evaluate advantages and limits of each method. The standard compounds include natural minerals and synthetic(More)
The first high-valent iron oxo complex on the phthalocyanine platform has been prepared from iron tetra-tert-butyl-phthalocyanine and m-chloroperbenzoic acid and characterized by low temperature UV-vis, cryospray MS, EPR, X-ray absorption and high resolution X-ray emission methods.
The present paper focuses on the direct synthesis of NiGa layered double hydroxides (LDHs) by concomitant addition of Ni and Ga chloride in solution with NaOH solution, at a constant pH value of 6.5. Various Ni/Ga ratios (Ni/Ga = 2, Ni/Ga = 4, or Ni/Ga = 6) were investigated, and samples were collected after successive additions. Each sample was then(More)
Recently we conceived of an original strategy that allows the precipitation of Prussian blue analogues (PBAs) in the ordered pores of silica monoliths to lead to photomagnetic CoFe PBA-silica nanocomposites. To determine the critical parameters and fully control the synthesis of the photoactive CoFe PBA in the pores of the silica matrix, X-ray absorption(More)
A thermostimulated sol-gel transition in a system prepared by mixing a ZrOCl(2) acidified solution to a hot H(2)SO(4) aqueous solution was studied by dynamic rheological measurements and quasi-elastic light scattering. The effect of temperature and of molar ratio R(S) = [Zr]/[SO(4)] on the gelation kinetics was analyzed using the mass fractal aggregate(More)