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In the context of maintenance testing and diagnosis of faulty boards, a functional FSM (Finite State Machine)-based model for mixed-signal board has been introduced. The board is broken down into interconnected functional blocks. Each block has an associated functional model which describes its behavior and a test model which specifies how the block can be(More)
We present an ongoing work in the domain of mixed-signal board maintenance testing, supported by an industrial case study. We propose a method providing a semi-automation and an help for the board maintenance testing and diagnosis stages. It is validated by the implementation of a prototype tool. 1. MOTIVATION The test is an activity which takes place all(More)
In this paper, we explore the testing-verification relationship with the objective of mechanizing the generation of test data. We consider program classes defined as recursive program schemes and we show that complete and finite test data sets can be associated with such classes , that is to say that these test data sets allow us to distinguish every two(More)
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