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The inflammatory process is the link between metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. To measure the degree of subclinical inflammation some inflammatory biomarkers have been considered. This(More)
Xylose reductase (XR) from Debaryomyces hansenii was extracted by partitioning in aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) composed of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 4000 in the presence of different salts,(More)
The present work reports the development and validation of an analytical method for lactic acid quantification in milk by ion exclusion-HPLC with UV detection. This method showed good precision(More)
The optimized descriptive profile (ODP) is a new descriptive methodology which proposes an optimized sample evaluation by no trained assessors. To permit that assessors with a low degree of training(More)
The existing methodologies for determining thresholds generate unreliable estimates of the point at which the intensity of a stimulus begins to compromise acceptance or result in sensory rejection of(More)
The adsorptive behavior of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg) on hydrophobic adsorbent was studied at four temperatures and different salt concentrations. The Langmuir model(More)
In order to develop a new strategy for β-lactoglobulin (β-lg) removal from whey protein, partitioning of α-lactalbumin (α-la), β-lg and glycomacropeptide (Gmp) was studied using aqueous two phase(More)