Valéria Hrabovcová

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The paper deals with thermal analysis of the superconducting single-phase high temperature superconductivity (HTS) traction transformer. The purpose is to investigate a thermal distribution of a heat in a cryogen with liquid nitrogen using a FEM software and program Fluent. The outputs are time varying waveforms of temperature in certain points of the(More)
This paper deals with investigation of geometrical dimension influence of multi-barrier rotor on reluctance synchronous motor (RSM) performances. Power factor, efficiency, developed electromagnetic torque and torque ripple are the main investigated parameters. The influence of number of rotor barriers, width of barriers, width of rotor pole pitch, gap and(More)
This paper deals with the improvement of the switched reluctance motor's fault tolerant control for traction drives. The main purpose is to use a control technique which is able to retain the required speed for various load torques at minimal torque ripple also during one opened phase operation. The paper focuses on the comparative study of the current(More)
SUMMARY Switched reluctance (SR) machine has various desirable features, which comes from its simple construction. They are the wide speed range, high temperature operation and small moment of inertia. But without any precise control technique no from these advantages could be utilised. SR machine in generating mode also starts to be used and its control(More)
The paper provides an analysis of reluctance synchronous motor (RSM) with asymmetrical rotor cage. Its performances during its starting up is investigated. A mathematical model is created on the basis of detailed investigation of model parameters. The RSM starting up by switching it directly across the line was simulated and verified by measurements.
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