Valéerie Cochen

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We conducted a prospective controlled study of the clinical and biological determinants of the mental status abnormalities in 139 patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and 55 patients without GBS placed in the intensive care unit (ICU controls). There were mental status changes in 31% of GBS patients and in 16% of controls (odds ratio = 2.3; P =(More)
OBJECTIVE The literature on propriospinal myoclonus (PSM) is poor and there are no systematic reviews of the subject. We sought to clarify the spectrum of PSM. METHODS We first prospectively investigated all patients seen in our movement disorders clinic with a firm diagnosis of PSM between 2002 and 2007. All had a standardized interview, detailed(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep disorders differ widely in the heterogeneous older adult population. Older adults can be classified into three groups based upon their overall level of disability: healthy, dependent, and frail. Frailty is an emerging concept that denotes older persons at increased risk for poor outcomes. OBJECTIVE The aim of this consensus review is to(More)
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