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Statecharts are expressed in a graphical language to specify complex reactive systems. They are extension of state-transition diagrams to which notions of hierarchy and orthogonality have been added. Recently, they have been suggested to represent performance models and in this regard a software package has been developed. In these performance models, the(More)
Treating partial edentulousness forms a major share of prosthodontic clinical practice. The purpose of this study was to find out the frequency of partial edentulism, its arch distribution status, awareness to restore, and the ratio of removable to fixed prosthesis among a student sample aged 18-25 years. The methodology selected was a questionnaire survey(More)
Performance information of a given system is essential for evaluating its behavior. It is important both for new systems to be built and for existing systems. However, in the specification of such systems, when evaluating their performance, ideas of depth and parallelism are to be taken into consideration. The objective of this paper is to show that(More)
The importance of the first molar in the development of occlusion is well-known. The difficulties when first molar is not there during the eruption of the second molar and the premolar don't have to be explained much. The construction of a space maintainer in the area of missing first molar is difficult when seven and five are not erupted. The article(More)
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