Vaishnevi S. Varadarajan

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—This paper presents UT-Scope data base, and automatic and perceptual an evaluation of Lombard speech in InSet Speaker Recognition. The speech used for the analysis forms a part of the UT-SCOPE database and consists of sentences from the well-known TIMIT corpus, spoken in the presence of highway, large crowd and pink noise. First, the deterioration of the(More)
The amount of QT-RR interval hysteresis accumulated during the load and recovery phases of exercise stress test reflects the degree of exercise induced myocardial is-chemia. Therefore the evaluation of hysteresis from 12-lead ECG (12-SL) is an important practical modality for the assessment of severity of coronary artery disease. Commercial QT and RR(More)
Cardiac electrical restitution is an important tool for evaluating risk of cardiac arrhythmias. Restitution slopes are used to quantify the rates of QT and DI (diastolic) interval adaptation in response to abrupt changes in cardiac cycle or RR intervals. These slopes can be either measured experimentally using invasive stepwise pacing procedures or assessed(More)
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