Vaishnavi Ravichandran

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Heat shock proteins (HSPs) have a major role in stress tolerance mechanisms in plants. Our studies have shown that the expression of HSP70 is enhanced under water stress in Erianthus arundinaceus. In this paper, we evaluate the effects of overexpression of EaHSP70 driven by Port Ubi 2.3 promoter in sugarcane. The transgenic events exhibit significantly(More)
EaDREB2 overexpressed in sugarcane enhanced tolerance to drought and salinity. When co-transformed with plant DNA helicase gene, DREB2 showed greater level of salinity tolerance than in single-gene transgenics. Drought is one of the most challenging agricultural issues limiting sustainable sugarcane production and can potentially cause up to 50 % yield(More)
DNA helicases are motor proteins that play an essential role in nucleic acid metabolism, by providing a duplex-unwinding function. To improve the drought and salinity tolerance of sugarcane, a DEAD-box helicase gene isolated from pea with a constitutive promoter, Port Ubi 2.3 was transformed into the commercial sugarcane variety Co 86032 through(More)
Erianthus is a wild relative of the genus Saccharum. It is well known for its high fibre, high biomass, tolerance to drought and water logging, pest and disease resistance with multi-ratooning ability. This study was conducted to investigate physiological and molecular responses of Erianthus spp. to drought stress. Out of seven Erianthus accessions(More)
Social-dynamics exists in the social system determines the extent of adoption of any scientific technologies. This research paper tries to find out the social-dynamics exists between drip and non-drip users in sugarcane production system. The present investigation was carried out in Udumalpet taluk of Coimbatore district with 40 sugarcane drip users and 40(More)
People with limited mobility in the U.S. (defined as having difficulty or inability to walk a quarter of a mile without help and without the use of special equipment) face a growing informational gap: while pedestrian routing algorithms are getting faster and more informative, planning a route with a wheeled device in urban centers is very difficult due to(More)
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