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Influence of High and Low Levels of Plant-Beneficial Heavy Metal Ions on Plant Growth and Development
Heavy metals (HMs) exists in the environment in both forms as essential and non-essential. These HM ions enter in soil biota from various sources like natural and anthropogenic. Essential HMs such asExpand
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Assessment of Antioxidant Potential of Plants in Response to Heavy Metals
Heavy metals (HMs) are consequential environmental contaminant, and their prodigious bioaccumulation in the surroundings has become an enigma for all living organisms including plants. Heavy metalExpand
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Deep Neural Network-Based Screening Model for COVID-19-Infected Patients Using Chest X-Ray Images
There are limited coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing kits, therefore, development of other diagnosis approaches is desirable. Expand
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Regulation of cadmium toxicity in roots of tomato by indole acetic acid with special emphasis on reactive oxygen species production and their scavenging.
Toxic impact of cadmium (Cd) on plants is well known which affects their productivity. To mitigate toxic impact of metals such as Cd, exogenous application of phytohormones like indole acetic acidExpand
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Acquisition and Homeostasis of Iron in Higher Plants and Their Probable Role in Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Iron (Fe),a micronutrient,plays an important role in agriculture world wideand its smaller amount because a small amount is required for plant growth and development.All major functions in theaExpand
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Preventive potentials of piperlongumine and a Piper longum extract against stress responses and pain
Aim To compare stress resistance increasing and analgesic activities of piperlongumine and a methanolic Piper longum fruit extract (PLE). Methods Efficacies of a single and repeated daily oral dosesExpand
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Long lasting preventive effects of piperlongumine and a Piper longum extract against stress triggered pathologies in mice
Aim: To compare doxycycline (DOX) such as oral efficacies of piperlongumine (PL) and a Piper longum fruits extract (PLE) as stress resistance inducers. Materials and Methods: Efficacies of oralExpand
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Understanding Heavy Metal Stress in a Rice Crop: Toxicity, Tolerance Mechanisms, and Amelioration Strategies
Heavy metal (HMs) pollution is regarded as one of the major concerns for soil and water, causing varieties of toxic and stress effects on plants and ecosystems. It has become one of the importantExpand
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Exogenous Mineral Regulation Under Heavy Metal Stress: Advances and Prospects
Heavy metals (HMs) contaminate the soil through various natural and anthropogenic resources and are transported to the plant systems. These heavy metals are translocated within the plant system byExpand
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Potential of some traditionally used edible plants for prevention and cure of diabesity associated comorbidities
Medicinal uses of edible and other plants for prevention and cure of obesity and overweight associated metabolic and mental health problems have since long been known to scholars and practitioners ofExpand
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