Vaishali Krishnan

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BACKGROUND Adrenergic activation is an important determinant of outcomes in chronic heart failure. Adrenergic activity is regulated in part by prejunctional alpha(2C)-adrenergic receptors (ARs), which exhibit genetic variation in humans. Bucindolol is a novel beta-AR blocking agent that also lowers systemic norepinephrine and thus is also a sympatholytic(More)
A survey of 107 families of children with Rett syndrome was conducted to further define the behavioural phenotype. There was a high prevalence of behavioural and emotional problems, including episodes of anxiety (76 per cent), low mood (70 per cent) and self-injurious behaviour (49 per cent). Although there was no significant difference across the(More)
OBJECTIVE To obtain information on caries prevalence and treatment needs of children aged 5-10 years to plan appropriate dental care services in rural areas. MATERIALS AND METHODS Children studying in all the primary schools (six schools) in the field practice area of the Rural Health Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, Annamalai University, Chidambaram,(More)
BACKGROUND Fluorosis is one of the common but major emerging areas of research in the tropics. It is considered endemic in 17 states of India. However, the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu is categorised as a fluorosis non-endemic area. But clinical cases of dental fluorosis were reported in the field practice area of Department of Community Medicine, Rajah(More)
The case of a young man with del(2) (p11.2p13) is reported. Accounts of previous cases of deletion of the short arm of chromosome 2 are reviewed. Common features include mental retardation, proportional short stature and weight, dysmorphic facial features (a prominent nose, abnormal ears), and abnormal hands. Growth and developmental delay are present(More)
BACKGROUND Serial neurohormones may serve as markers of efficacy of congestive heart failure (CHF) therapy. We measured serial plasma big-endothelin (Big-ET), ET-1, N-terminal atrial natriuretic peptide, and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) in 206 patients randomized to bucindolol or placebo in Beta-Blocker Evaluation of Survival Trial (BEST). METHODS AND(More)
  • V Krishnan
  • 1995
"This article used the 1984 Canadian Fertility Survey data to examine the effects of housing tenure and a number of sociodemographic and economic factors (e.g., education, religion, income) on both completed fertility and selected parity progression. Results showed a statistically significant positive effect of housing tenure on completed fertility.... Age(More)
This study investigated podiatric pathology in seven- to 14-year-old children with Down syndrome (DS) and non-Down syndrome learning-disabled and non-learning-disabled age-matched controls. Several conditions, including pes planus, fissures, split toenails, increased plantar flexed first ray and a wide hallucal cleft were found to be more common in the DS(More)
A case of a 27 year old male with a duplication of part of the long arm of chromosome 22 (22q11.2-q13.1) together with a pericentric inversion of the same chromosome is reported. Particular phenotypic features of note include absence of speech, persistent self-injury, lack of daily living skills, colobomata, and very poor vision. Similarities between this(More)