Vairam Arunachalam

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Major components of smart metering infrastructure are smart meter, communication network, meter data collection system and meter data management system. Smart meter measures energy usage at different time intervals and transmit measured data to utility through communications technology networks. This infrastructure shall provide a reliable, efficient and(More)
India has the 3rd largest Electricity transmission and distribution network in the world. However, India faces a number of challenges like inadequate access to electricity, supply shortfalls, huge network losses, poor quality, reliability and theft. Smart Grid would address these issues and transform the existing grid into a more efficient and reliable one(More)
Management information systems (MIS) are continually faced with changing requirements, both internal and external. Since few systems can be designed to fully anticipate all change, system portfolios frequently tend to become heavily weighted with older systems needing revision. As a result, systems may be discarded and replaced with totally new systems,(More)
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