Vaios Koumaras

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This chapter proposes a novel concept towards the deployment of a networked 'Media Ecosystem'. The proposed solution is based on a flexible cooperation between providers, operators, and end-users, finally enabling every user first to access the offered multimedia services in various contexts, and second to share and deliver his own audiovisual content(More)
—Cloud Operators, in order to respond effectively to the QoS requirements of cloud applications, are obliged to apply over-provisioning policies. In general, this tactic leads to severe waste of the available cloud computing resources. Similarly, both Service/Platform Providers and End-Users wish to avoid the extra cost of this over-provisioning tactic and(More)
A growing phenomenon in the Internet is the rising exploitation of sophisticated security means (e.g. cryptography, digital signatures etc.) toward the development of novel commerce services for providing electronic transactions, collaborating with business partners or serving customers, regardless of geographical and time limitations. This paper discusses,(More)
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