Vaidya Jayathirtha Rao

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New s-triazine derivatives 13a–h were synthesized for the structure–activity relationship studies as potent anticancer agents. The prepared analogues were evaluated for their in vitro inhibitory activity against the growth of PA-1 (Ovarian cancer), A549 (Lung cancer), MCF-7 (Breast cancer), and HT-29 (Colon cancer). Tri-substituted s-triazine derivatives(More)
A facile route for the synthesis of 20 new 1,4-disubstituted tetrazolone derivatives from allyl bromides of Baylis–Hillman adducts and various 1-substituted tetrazolones is described. All the synthesized compounds were screened for in vitro antibacterial and antifungal activity. Out of 20 newly synthesized compounds 16 compounds showed very good activity(More)
Two new series of s-triazine derivatives appended with benzimidazole (15a–h) and benzothiazole derivatives (16a–h) are synthesized, and structure–activity relationships on anticancer activity of these 15a–h and 16a–h were probed. In vitro inhibitory activity against the growth of six cancer cell lines, viz., MCF-7, MDAMB-231, PC-3, DU-145, HT-29 and HGC-27(More)
This study presents the synthesis of 14 new 1,4-disubstituted piperazine derivatives from allyl bromides of Baylis–Hillman adduct and 4,4-disubstituted benzhydryl piperazines. All the synthesized compounds were further screened for in vitro ACE inhibitor and antimicrobial activities. Among the synthesized piperazine derivatives, compound 12h showed moderate(More)
Baylis–Hillman adduct-derived N-cinnamyl-substituted isatin derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for their antitubercular activity on Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv strain ATCC 27294 by agar dilution method. Anticancer activity for the same compounds was also screened on four different cell lines: Chinese hamster ovary (CHO cells), Colo 205 (human(More)
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