Vaidy Sunderam

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Workstation and PC clusters interconnected by SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) are very promising technologies for high performance cluster computing. Using commercial SBus-SCI interface cards and early system software and drivers, a two-SPARCstation cluster has been constructed for initial testing and evaluation. PVM direct task-to-task data transfers(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are prone by nature to path breaks and reconnections. Routing protocols such as OLSR that provide topology information with a minimum delay to the quick reconfiguration of path breaks are desired. Applications and protocols should be able to adapt to the dynamics of these networks. However, this is not true for most applications and(More)
Abstract. This JIWY demonstrator is constructed in the context of the development of a design framework and software tools to efficiently support mechatronic engineers in developing sophisticated control computer code out of a set control laws. We use the CSP-based Communicating Threads –CT– library as the software communication layer, our hard real-time(More)
This dissertation studies the heterogeneity problem of pervasive computing system from the viewpoint of an infrastructure aiming to provide a service-oriented application model. From Distributed System passing through mobile computing, pervasive computing is presented as a step forward in ubiquitous availability of services and proliferation of interacting(More)
Media streaming technology consists of simultaneously downloading and reproducing multimedia objects from the Internet without the need to store all the information in the client’s memory. This technology is very appropriate for client applications running on portable computing devices (cell phones and hand-held devices) due to their limited memory and(More)
H2O is Java-based, component-oriented, lightweight resource sharing platform for metacomputing. It allows deployment of services into container not only by container owners, but by any authorized clients or third parties. As a communication mechanism, H2O uses RMIX that is interoperable and extensible communication library. JXTA technology is a set of open(More)