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Gynaecomastia due to anti-tubercular chemotherapy is a rare side effect. Isoniazid causing breast tissue enlargement has been very rarely reported. We report a 60-year old, male patient of Pulmonary Tuberculosis who was started on antituberculous treatment (ATT) with rifampicin (R), isoniazid (H), ethambutol (E) and pyrazinamide (Z) together for initial two(More)
Eudragit RS100 coated ion exchange resinate of Ambroxol Hcl were prepared using Indion-244 by Solvent evaporation method. Among the various formulation of microcapsule (drug resinate Eudragit ratio) prepared. An ideal formulation (drug resinate 1:1) and 10% eudragit coating was selected for the formulation of sustained release suspension. Three formulation(More)
Examining work activity patterns is a problem of enduring research in organizations. The fortuitous availability of a whole new set of data collection mechanisms such as mobiles, activity loggers, GPS based location detectors, provide us new ways of studying workplace behaviour. We present a data collection framework that helps in collection, anonymization,(More)
Handwriting identification has become a major area for research these days. It refers to the ability of the computer to receive the image of the handwritten character from sources such as paper documents, touch screens, etc and compare it with an existing database. Handwriting and hand-printing analysis is applied to many types of investigation: fraud,(More)
Bersama engleriana Guerke (Melianthaceae) is the synonym of the Bersama abyssinica. Bark, leaf and root decoctions are widely taken as a purgative to treat a range of stomach disorders, such as abdominal pain, colic, diarrhea, cholera, intestinal worms, amoebiasis and dysentery. This plant mainly contains mangiferin, swinniol, Δ4-stigmaster-3b-ol,(More)
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