Vaibhav Vadgama

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This paper is a high‐level introduction to the complexities involved in dimension‐ ing and planning of Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) net‐ works, with specific emphasis on key WiMAX features and planning techniques that need to be considered for optimal network coverage, capacity, and service require‐ ments. We introduce Fujitsu’s(More)
Bend gestures have a large number of degrees of freedom and therefore offer a rich interaction language. We propose a classification scheme for bend gestures, and explore how users perform these bend gestures along four classification criterion: location, direction, size, and angle. We collected 36 unique bend gestures performed three times by each(More)
WiMAX is a metropolitan area network (MAN) wireless technology that provides high-quality broadband services to mobile users. For maximum usage of the available spectrum, each cell should operate on the whole available bandwidth. However, this leads to unacceptable interference for cell edge users and reduces the coverage. This paper reports on a study of(More)
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