Vaibhav Kulkarni

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We report on an ongoing effort to build a Dynamic Data Driven Application System (DDDAS) for short-range forecast of wildfire behavior from real-time weather data, images, and sensor streams. The system should change the forecast when new data is received. The basic approach is to encapsulate the model code and use an ensemble Kalman filter in time-space.(More)
A new method is described for determining the values of the level function from a given interface that is to be represented exactly as the zero level set. The level function is linear on boundary segments of the grid cells, which precludes the definition of the level function on the grid nodes as the signed distance from the interface. Instead, the values(More)
Chettinad chicken was prepared using boneless meat derived from spent hen and boiler breeder packed in retort pouches (250 g) and processed in retort at the product temperature of 121.1 °C and the corresponding F0 value of 5.2. The product was stored at ambient temperature (35 ± 2 °C) up to 180 days. The sensory scores for texture of the Chettinad chicken(More)
Mobility prediction is becoming one of the key elements of location-based services. In the near future, it will also facilitate tasks such as resource management, logistics administration and urban planning. To predict human mobility, many techniques have been proposed. However, existing techniques are usually driven by large volumes of data to train user(More)
We derive the largest possible class of linear time-invariant controllers, M , to synthesize the information dissemination policies that ensure the closed-loop stability for resource constrained sensor networks. We assume that the sensory information is routed using a tree-topology. Our main contribution is the use of the Zames-Falb multipliers to preserve(More)
We put forth a system, to predict distant-future positions of multiple moving entities and index the forecasted trajectories, in order to answer predictive queries involving long time horizons. Today, the proliferation of mobile devices with GPS functionality and internet connectivity has led to a rapid development of location-based services, accounting for(More)
Extruded pet foods were prepared by extrusion process incorporating dry rendered spent hen meal (SHM) at 10 and 20% levels, and packed in LDPE bags before storage at room temperature (35 ± 2°C) up to 45 days. The colour of the pet foods was uniformly brown with pleasant meaty odour. The thiobarbituric acid, tyrosine values, free fatty acid content and acid(More)
In recent years, we have witnessed a proliferation of wireless technologies and devices operating in the unlicensed bands. The resulting escalation of wireless demand has put enormous pressure on available spectrum. This raises a unique set of communication challenges, notably co-existence, Cross Technology Interference (CTI), and fairness amidst high(More)