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DNA methylation is crucial for gene regulation and maintenance of genomic stability. Rat has been a key model system in understanding mammalian systemic physiology, however detailed rat methylome remains uncharacterized till date. Here, we present the first high resolution methylome of rat liver generated using Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation and high(More)
A major fraction of the transcriptome of higher organisms comprised an extensive repertoire of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) which express in a cell type and development stage-specific manner. While lncRNAs are a proven component of epigenetic gene expression modulation, epigenetic regulation of lncRNA itself remains poorly understood. Here we have analysed(More)
We have developed a graphical user interface based dendrimer builder toolkit (DBT) which can be used to generate the dendrimer configuration of desired generation for various dendrimer architectures. The validation of structures generated by this tool was carried out by studying the structural properties of two well known classes of dendrimers:(More)
Software project estimation is the process of analyzing the resource requirements for the given time duration of product development. Cost estimation models are used for calculating the associated amount required for developing the stakeholder's requirement within the defined time boundaries. Among several models available for the cost estimation of(More)
This paper describes the approach for Subtask-1 of the FIRE-2015 Shared Task on Mixed Script Information Retrieval. The subtask involved multilingual language identification (including mixed words and anomalous foreign words), named entity recognition (NER) and subclassification. The proposed methodology starts with cleaning the data and then extracting(More)
While often defined in informal ways, class cohesion reflects important properties of modules in a software system. High cohesion for classes is one of the desirable properties in Object Oriented (OO) analysis as it supports program comprehension, testing, reusability, maintainability. Cohesion metrics have been used for quality assessment, fault(More)
The data set in the real world has overlapping class patterns. Classifying datasets with overlapping patterns is difficult. To classify the dataset with overlapping patterns the dataset is partitioned based on the class label and clustering is applied on each partition. The clustered data is given as an input to the base classifiers and the output of the(More)
The wireless Sensor Network is basically an application specific network. It is not possible to generalize an optimal solution for the WSN problems. It totally depends upon application selection and resource availability. Since in WSN a large no of sensor nodes are deployed so each sensor behaves as receptor and forwarder for the data from the source to(More)