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We have developed a graphical user interface based dendrimer builder toolkit (DBT) which can be used to generate the dendrimer configuration of desired generation for various dendrimer architectures. The validation of structures generated by this tool was carried out by studying the structural properties of two well known classes of dendrimers:(More)
In this paper we have discussed compression and analysis of image using high resolution grid and SPIHT encoding technique. Firstly the original image is converted in to low resolution (less size) image, then quantization and SPIHT encoding, techniques are applied to compress the image. To restore the original image, the compressed image is decompressed(More)
In cellular mobile communication system the large geographical area is subdivided into smaller regions called cell. This helps in effective utilization of bandwidth which is a scarce resource. A call originated in cell continues even when the Mobile Station has moved into the neighbouring cell. A channel from the neighbouring cell is allocated to the(More)
In present time, digital image libraries and other multimedia databases have been suddenly expanded. Therefore Semantic gap that between the visual features and human semantics has become very important area of research known as content based image retrieval (CBIR). If there is a need of retrieving an image from a large image database effectively and(More)
The emergence of multi-drug-resistant bacterial pathogens along with labor-intensive and time-consuming drug discovery methods has put an emphasis on alternative approaches which can overcome these drawbacks. One such approach is in silico identification of novel bacterial inhibitors using structure-based drug design methodology. In the present study, novel(More)
In this paper we present a technique for facial expression analysis and representing the underlying emotions in the affect space. We develop a purely appearance based approach using Multi-scale Gaussian derivatives and Support Vector Machines. The technique is validated on two different databases. The system is shown to generalize well and performs better(More)
Software project estimation is the process of analyzing the resource requirements for the given time duration of product development. Cost estimation models are used for calculating the associated amount required for developing the stakeholder's requirement within the defined time boundaries. Among several models available for the cost estimation of(More)
This paper describes the approach for Subtask-1 of the FIRE-2015 Shared Task on Mixed Script Information Retrieval. The subtask involved multilingual language identification (including mixed words and anomalous foreign words), named entity recognition (NER) and subclassification. The proposed methodology starts with cleaning the data and then extracting(More)