Vaibhav B. Kapoor

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Spermatocytic Seminoma is an unusual germ cell tumour known to arise from testis only. It is associated with good prognosis. Testicular tumours as such are uncommon in Asia as compared to western countries. In the literature only five cases of bilateral synchronous Spermatocytic Seminoma have been reported. Fifty years male patient presented to us with(More)
Follicular carcinoma of thyroid is a well differentiated thyroid malignancy. It is slow growing in nature and tends to metastasize to remote organs in advanced stage by hematogenous route. Lung and bone are the two most common sites of metastasis. In most of the reported cases of follicular thyroid carcinoma metastasizing to the skull, metastases occurred(More)
With the current push towards using fewer antipsychotics and more non-pharmacological interventions in long-term care, it has become increasingly important for knowledge and best-practice sharing across the province. The " Good Ideas " project began in 2001 in the context of my work as a Royal Ottawa geriatric psychiatry behavioural support outreach nurse(More)
This list is strictly limited to publications in peer-reviewed journals co-authored by members of the lab and is presented in reverse chronologic order. Other contributions such as chapters in books, conference presentations, special publications, book reviews, etc., as well as the latest peer-reviewed articles can be found through our website : Shelter(More)
A method using [3H]2-deoxyglucose was used to identify brain areas activated during partial and generalized amygdaloid kindled seizures and generalized seizures following electro-convulsive shock in rats. The amygdala, hippocampus. septal nuclei and hypothalamus were bilaterally activated in kindled convulsions. Electroshock caused a more widespread(More)
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