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CONTEXT Critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation frequently need sedatives and analgesics to facilitate their care. Dexmedetomidine, a short-acting alpha-2-agonist, possesses anxiolytic, anesthetic, hypnotic, and analgesic properties. AIMS The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of dexmedetomidine in comparison(More)
This paper summarises our clinical experience with clofazimine in the treatment of 25 cases of reactive states of lepromatous and borderline leprosy and 7 lepromatous patients not responding to dapsone. Corticosteroids, which had to be given for the control of reactions, could be withdrawn and daspone therapy reintroduced during the period of administration(More)
Integration of the vertical leprosy programme into the existing horizontal health programme poses various administrative and operational challenges to programmers. In order to understand the preparedness of the PHC workers for integration of leprosy into primary health care services, 71 PHC workers were interviewed using a structured interview schedule. The(More)
Most practical and cheap techniques other than mass surveys to detect leprosy in urban slums are still not known. The population inhabiting a large somewhat isolated slum in North Bombay was exposed to intensive health education programmes over a period of two years. Leprosy cases reporting as a result of these measures as well as those detected by trained(More)
Analysis of newly registered smear-positive cases in a ward of the metropolitan city of Mumbai, which has a railway terminus during 1990-97 revealed that 72% of the patients came from outside the project area, most of them arising from the States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa. They had unstable and temporary residences in the area and were employed in(More)
The pattern of drug compliance in 485 leprosy patients attending urban leprosy centres in Bombay was studied for 2 years. The study subjects included 113 patients with paucibacillary leprosy under dapsone monotherapy, 241 patients with paucibacillary leprosy under multidrug therapy and 131 patients with multibacillary leprosy under multidrug therapy. Their(More)
A chance diagnosis of kala-azar in a patient referred from Acworth Leprosy Home in Bombay was followed up, resulting in an investigation of a total of 25 patients (inpatients and residents) for the presence of the disease. 30.3% of the patients investigated were found to be suffering from the disease. This confirms the earlier suspicion that Bombay and(More)
Transmission of leprosy which is related directly to the total quantum of infection in the community as a whole is decided by the existence of patients suffering from progressive and infectious forms of leprosy and their movement from place to place. This information is of great importance in cities like Bombay to identify the priority areas as targets(More)