Vaia Papadimitriou

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In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, nearand far-detector configurations. Nine initial topics were identified as scientific areas that motivate construction of a long-baseline neutrino experiment with a(More)
Fermilab has long had the world’s most intense antiproton source. Despite this, the opportunities for lowand medium-energy antiproton physics at Fermilab have been limited in the past and — with the antiproton source now exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of the Tevatron Collider — are currently nonexistent. The anticipated ∗Spokesperson. E-mail(More)
We present a comprehensive treatment of the precise determinations of the parameters Re(«8/«), tS , Dm , f12 , and Df in the neutral kaon system with the Fermilab E731 detector. Together, these determinations allow accurate studies of both CP and CPT symmetry. Details of the detector and its performance and the data analysis are given. The extensive Monte(More)
Chlozolinate (Serinal) is a dicarboximide fungicide used in southern European countries principally on grapes. Maximum residue levels have not yet been set by FAO/WHO and are under evaluation in the EU. Field trials have been carried out in Greece on two varieties of table grapes (Cardinal and Victoria) during two consecutive years to assess residues(More)
We present the latest measurements on masses, lifetimes and branching fractions for the Bs and Bc mesons as well as for b-baryons. For the Bs meson we discuss as well the latest results on mixing. These results were produced by the CDF and D0 experiments at Fermilab or by earlier LEP and PEPII experiments.
AOT reverse micelles are used to cosolubilize hydrophilic and hydrophobic reactants of lipase catalysed esterification. Depending on the nature of the alcohol, a drastic change of the initial rate of the esterification is observed. A structural study of the micellar system with and without reactant is undertaken to explain the change in the activity with(More)