Vahidreza Ghezavati

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This paper presents a new mathematical model for location-allocation problem considering uncertain parameter. In real-world cases, demand, distance, traveling time or any parameters in classical models may change over the period of time. So, considering uncertainty yields more flexibility for the results and its applications. In our study, environmental(More)
In this paper, a multi objective location-routing model is developed and solved for a real case related to Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PETZONE) located in Khuzestan (Iran). Decision makers can decide on optimum locations of suitable treatment, recycling and disposal centers, and also the routes for transporting of different types of industrial(More)
This paper addresses a new and efficient linearization technique to solve mixed 0–1 polynomial problems to achieve a global optimal solution. Given a mixed 0–1 polynomial term z = ct x1x2 . . . xny, where x1, x2, . . . , xn are binary (0–1) variables and y is a continuous variable. Also, ct can be either a positive or a negative parameter. We transform z(More)