Vahideh Moghtadaiee

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Indoor positioning has become highly important because of the failure of GPS in such areas. Many Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) indoor localization studies use the fingerprinting technique. In this study, the new positioning system is proposed based on broadcast FM as a signal of opportunity, with significant benefits for indoor positioning. This(More)
Fingerprinting is a technique that records vectors of received power from several transmitters, and later matches these to a new measurement to position the new user. This paper proposes a new mechanism to calculate the (Dilution of Precision) DOP-like value and error estimation for fingerprinting localization by investigating relationship between real(More)
This paper presents a review of four types of signal of opportunity (analogue/digital television TV, analogue/digital audio, Global System for Mobile Communications GSM, and Wi-Fi signals) and the implications of using these signals for navigation in terms of: i) problems that affect positioning, ii) exploiting them in dissimilar geographical regions of the(More)
With increasing user demands on Location-based Services (LBS) and Social Networking Services (SNS), indoor positioning has become more crucial. Because of the general failure of GPS indoors, non-GNSS navigation technologies are essential for such areas. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) have widely been employed for indoor localisation based on the(More)
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