Vahid Rafe

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Traditional approaches to software systems development such as using tools and modeling frameworks are appropriate for building individual object oriented or component based software. However they are not suitable for designing of flexible distributed enterprise systems and open environments. In recent years, service-oriented architecture (SOA) has been(More)
This paper presents an efficient solution for modeling checking graph transformation systems. The approach transforms AGG specifications into Bogor models and supports both attributed typed graphs and layered transformations. Resulting models are suitable for checking interesting properties expressed as combinations of LTL and graph transformation rules.(More)
Nowadays, the Pervasive Healthcare (PH) systems are considered as an important research area. These systems have a dynamic structure and configuration. Therefore, an appropriate method for designing such systems is necessary. The Publish/Subscribe Architecture (pub/sub) is one of the convenient architectures to support such systems. PH systems are safety(More)
Nowadays, there are many peoples who access to the internet to search for a proper hospital with their desired medical services. Hence, the website quality of hospitals or medical centers is very important to help patients/users. However, to design high qualitative medical websites, we should first know the medical quality metrics. Then, we should try to(More)
Adaptive learning is a new approach for e-learning systems. In comparison to traditional e-learning systems, which present same things for all learners, these systems automatically adapt with learner characteristics. In this paper, we are going to propose a new method for Adaptive learning, and consider adaptation from three viewpoints: 1) learner learning(More)