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OBJECTIVE One of the toughest challenges in medical diagnosis is uncertainty handling. The detection of intestinal bacteria such as Salmonella and Shigella which cause typhoid fever and dysentery, respectively, is one such challenging problem for microbiologists. They detect the bacteria by the comparison with predefined classes to find the most similar(More)
Project planning plays a significant role in software projects so that imprecise estimations often lead to the project faults or dramatic outcomes for the project team. In recent years, various methods have been proposed to estimate the software development effort accurately. Among all proposed methods the non algorithmic methods by using soft computing(More)
Keywords: Character recognition Fuzzy rules Multi layer perceptron neural network Neuro-fuzzy inference engine Farsi numbers a b s t r a c t Character recognition of Farsi and Arabic texts as an open and demanding problem needs to encounter sophisticated specifications of the characters such as their shapes, continuity, dots and also, different fonts.(More)
Since analysis of time series is so hard to do, a support vector machine can be more proper for the purpose of forecasting in field of stock market. The support vector machine (SVM) can explore suitable knowledge from so vague data, which usually is necessary to interpret the financial data. But single SVM cannot achieve accurate results. Subsequently, in(More)
Accurate estimation of software development effort needs to consider numerous factors in software projects such as project size, programming language, application type, team size, development platform and so on. Software methodology is one of the most effective parameters in this field. Basically, software methodologies are used in software projects in(More)
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