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Automation in construction scheduling: a review of the literature
Although the synthesis reveals the high applicability of genetic algorithms to the different aspects of managing a project, including schedule, cost, and quality, it exposed a more limited project management application for the other methods. Expand
Designing Perpetual Sustainability Improvement Programs for Built Infrastructures.
The impacts on energy generation and use on sustainability, increasing energy demand, and declining natural resources have made energy improvements a top priority for many organizations. But adequateExpand
Construction scheduling using Genetic Algorithm based on Building Information Model
A novel approach of retrieving enough information from the BIM of a project and then developing construction sequencing for the installation of the project elements, using the concept of the Genetic Algorithm, as an Expert System tool is demonstrated. Expand
Sustainable campus improvement program design using energy efficiency and conservation
Reducing energy consumption is critical to improving campus sustainability. Both increased efficiency of built infrastructure and conservation by users can contribute. This work investigates feedbackExpand
Objective-driven and Pareto Front Analysis: Optimizing Time, Cost, and Job-site Movements.
The authors have used their previously introduced construction schedule generator algorithm to present graphical relationships between pre-defined objectives of schedule optimizations, which mathematically helps the sequence of installation be more logical and practical. Expand
Automatic Generation of COBIE Data from Revit
As the usage of BIM increased in the construction industry, some construction owners started exploring the use of BIM for maintaining their facilities. Construction Operations Building InformationExpand
Educational Prediction Markets: Construction Project Management Case Study
Effective teaching of engineering concepts relies both on carefully designed lesson plans that meet specific learning outcomes, and on classroom activities that students find engaging. WithoutExpand
Mathematical Framework for Spatial Relationships of the Project 3D Elements.
To develop automatic project schedule generation, a metric is needed to check the wellness of the structural stability construction sequence of those schedules and is the logical structural relationships between elements that should be met to satisfy the mentioned objective. Expand
BIM to field: Robotic total station and BIM for quality control.
One of the reasons why some construction professionals are excited about BIM is because of its ability to visualize the installation of prefabricated building modules. As far as using BIM forExpand