Vahid Abolghasemi

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Sparsity has been shown to be very useful in source separation of multichannel observations. However, in most cases, the sources of interest are not sparse in their current domain and one needs to sparsify them using a known transform or dictionary. If such a priori about the underlying sparse domain of the sources is not available, then the current(More)
In this paper the problem of Compressive Sensing (CS) is addressed. The focus is on estimating a proper measurement matrix for compressive sampling of signals. The fact that a small mutual coherence between the measurement matrix and the representing matrix is a requirement for achieving a successful CS is now well known. Therefore, designing measurement(More)
Original adaptive line enhancer (ALE) is used for denoising periodic signals from white noise. ALE, however, relies mainly on second order similarity between the signal and its delayed version and is more effective when the signal is narrowband. A new ALE based on singular spectrum analysis (SSA) is proposed here. In this approach in the reconstruction(More)