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In a microbiological device, cell or particle manipulation and characterization require the use of electric field on different electrodes in several configurations and shapes. To efficiently design microelectrodes within a microfluidic channel for dielectrophoresis focusing, manipulation and characterization of cells, the designer will seek the exact(More)
This paper presents a CMOS voltage regulator employing an operational-amplifier operated from a 1.8V supply with very low current consumption, capable of delivering a stable regulated 1.4V output voltage with high enough current sourcing capability for the biasing of GaAs HBT RFIC power amplifiers, and subjected to strong RF perturbations. These features(More)
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are considered one of the most interesting materials in the 21st century due to their unique physiochemical characteristics and applicability to various industrial products and medical applications. However, in the last few years, questions have been raised regarding the potential toxicity of CNTs to humans and the environment; it is(More)
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