Vafa David Amirkia

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CONTEXT In recent decades, natural products have undisputedly played a leading role in the development of novel medicines. Yet, trends in the pharmaceutical industry at the level of research investments indicate that natural product research is neither prioritized nor perceived as fruitful in drug discovery programmes as compared with incremental structural(More)
Although the ever-growing usage of antimicrobials in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, and microbiology have undoubtedly allowed for unprecedented advances in the scientific world, these advances are nevertheless accompanied by unprecedented challenges. Sharp increases in antibiotic usages have led to inefficient and wasteful usage practices. Bacterial(More)
UNLABELLED Cultivation of primary cells is essential for biotechnological research and viral vaccine production. Significant advances in cell and tissue culture, more specifically, advances in the transfection and transduction of human and mammalian cells, has directly led to giant leaps forward in fields such as cancer research, genetics, and public(More)
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