Vadym Spravedlyvyy

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To emphasize the electrical nature of information processing in the brain we use a compartmental model of single neurons. The realistic simulation of wave-like activity in the recurrent excitatory network is similar to the intracellular activation in rat embryonal cerebral cortex cultures [1]. The natural structure of the network is reproduced by including(More)
The role of dendritic spines in information processing of a neuron is still not clear. But it is known that they change its shape rapidly and fast during learning processes. These effects may be important for storing of information (memory). We show the influence of shape variations on the electrical signal propagation trough dendritic spines by(More)
The role of dendritic spines in neuronal information processing is still not completely clear. However, it is known that spines can change shape rapidly during development and during learning and these morphological changes might be relevant for information storage (memory formation). We demonstrate the impact of shape variations on electrical signal(More)
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