Vadim V Vorobyov

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The broadband enhancement of single–photon emission from nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamonds coupled to a planar multilayer metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion is studied experimentally. The metamaterial is fabricated as an epitaxial metal/dielectric superlattice consisting of CMOS-compatible ceramics: titanium nitride (TiN) and aluminum scandium(More)
In order to study the structural and functional specificity of different fragments of extracellular domains of the membrane receptors, their immunological blockade and analysis of changes in brain function in health and disease were carried out. Effects of the immunization against unstructured fragments of the neurotrophin receptor (p75 NTR) containing(More)
We study plasmonic waveguides with dielectric cores and hyperbolic multilayer claddings. The proposed design provides better performance in terms of propagation length and mode confinement in comparison to conventional designs, such as metal-insulator-metal and insulator-metal-insulator plasmonic waveguides. We show that the proposed structures support(More)
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