Vadim Tropashko

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Relational Databases are universally conceived as an advance over their predecessors Network and Hierarchical models. Superior in every querying respect, they turned out to be surprisingly incomplete when modeling transitive dependencies. Almost every couple of months a question how to model a tree in the database surfaces at comp.database.theory newsgroup.(More)
Relational lattice is a formal mathematical model for Relational algebra. It reduces the set of six classic relational algebra operators to two: natural join and inner union. We continue to investigate Relational lattice properties with emphasis onto axiomatic definition. New results include additional axioms, equational definition for set difference (more(More)
From algebraic geometry perspective database relations are succinctly defined as Finite Varieties. After establishing basic framework, we give analytic proof of Heath theorem from Database Dependency theory. Next, we leverage Algebra/Geometry dictionary and focus on algebraic counterparts of finite varieties, polynomial ideals. It is well known that(More)
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