Vadim Trofimov

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Ten patients with pheochromocytoma were examined before operation, 8 were examined 2-4 weeks after surgical treatment, and 30 in the long-term periods after elimination of hypercatecholaminemia. The patients with pheochromocytoma manifested activation of the renin-aldosterone system and inhibition of PGE2 secretion. In the long-term postoperative period,(More)
The frequency and nature of the main signs of Icenko-Cushing's syndrome were studied in 132 patients divided into 4 groups with relation to morphological changes in the adrenals. It was established that the peculiarities of morphological structure of the adrenals were not reflected in a clinical picture of disease. A more frequent development of some(More)
Main pathogenic factors of postvagotomy diarrhea are considered. Among them are: rapid emptying of the stomach due to the draining operation and accelerated passage of chyme along the small intestine, development of a relative insufficiency of digestion and absorption, entrance of the hyperosmolar content into the colon. Diarrhea appears more often after(More)
Based on comparative morphological studies of portions of the pancreas resected during operations on 30 patients the authors have shown that no impregnation of cells of the Langerhans islets takes place in patients with insulinoma. This fact can be used for diagnosis of the disease.