Vadim Timonin

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The paper presents some contemporary approaches to the spatial environmental data analysis, processing and presentation. The main topics are concentrated on the decision–oriented problems of environmental and pollution spatial data mining and modelling: valorisation and representativity of data with the help of exploratory data analysis, topological,(More)
The present research deals with the review of the analysis and modeling of Swiss franc interest rate curves (IRC) by using unsupervised (SOM, Gaussian Mixtures) and supervised machine (MLP) learning algorithms. IRC are considered as objects embedded into different feature spaces: maturities; maturity-date, parameters of Nelson-Siegel model (NSM). Analysis(More)
897,.9 The work is devoted to an application of artificial neural network (multilayer perceptron) and conditional stochastic simulations to electricity load forecasting in Russia. One of the problems is missing data and some important weather parameters (wind, cloudiness, precipitation, historical information). This gives rise to rather large forecasting(More)
In this paper we study the relevance of multiple kernel learning (MKL) for the automatic selection of time series inputs. Recently, MKL has gained great attention in the machine learning community due to its flexibility in modelling complex patterns and performing feature selection. In general, MKL constructs the kernel as a weighted linear combination of(More)
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