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This prospective, Post-Authorization Safety Surveillance (PASS) study was carried out in patients with hemophilia A or B and inhibitors treated with FEIBA for 1 year to collect real-world data on safety and effectiveness of FEIBA. The study followed a cohort design and did not make stipulations on treatment or observation schedule, as it was designed to(More)
There is no prospective evidence on inhibitor recurrence among haemophilia A patients with low titre inhibitors or history of inhibitors, and whether or how therapeutic choices affect the risk of recurrence. The aims of this study were to synthesise safety data in patients with moderate-severe haemophilia A and with low titre inhibitors or inhibitor history(More)
The authors present their own modification of Emmert's operation used by treatment of ingrowing toenail. The modification itself consists in special technique of the suture of operation wound which prevents further nail incarnation. In second part the results of treatment of 51 patients are presented and discussed in context of other treatment modes.(More)
UNLABELLED A Post-Authorization Safety Study (PASS) global program was designed to assess safety and effectiveness of rAHF-PFM (ADVATE) use in haemophilia patients in routine clinical settings. The main aim of this project was to estimate the rate of inhibitors and other adverse events across ADVATE-PASS studies by meta-analysing individual patient data(More)
BACKGROUND Developing inhibitors is a rare event during the treatment of hemophilia A. The multifacets and uncertainty surrounding the development of inhibitors further complicate the process of estimating inhibitor rate from the limited data. Bayesian statistical modeling provides a useful tool in generating, enhancing, and exploring the evidence through(More)