Vadim P. Valuev

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ASPD is a new curated database that incorporates data on full-length proteins, protein domains and peptides that were obtained through in vitro directed evolution processes (mainly by means of phage display). At present, the ASPD database contains data on 195 selection experiments, which were described in 112 original papers. For each experiment, the(More)
The analysis of gene regulatory networks has become one of the most challenging problems of the postgenomic era. Earlier we developed rSNP_Guide (, a computer system and database devoted to prediction of transcription factor (TF) binding sites (TF sites), which can be responsible for disease phenotypes. The(More)
In vitro evolution is used to study protein sequences, structures, and interactions and to obtain proteins with new properties. To analyze the specific features of this process in experiments with phage display, we studied the amino acid composition of selected sequences, constructed a matrix of amino acid substitutions, and identified pairs of coadaptive(More)
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