Vadim Fedorov

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The Swedish Tundra Northwest Expedition of 1999 visited 17 sites throughout the Canadian Arctic. At 12 sites that were intensively sampled we estimated the standing crop of plants and the densities of herbivores and predators with an array of trapping, visual surveys, and faecal-pellet transects. We developed a trophic-balance model using ECOPATH to(More)
In this paper we study the problem of comparing two patches of images defined on Riemannian manifolds which in turn can be defined by each image domain with a suitable metric depending on the image. For that we single out one particular instance of a set of models defining image similarities that was earlier studied in [C. Ballester et al., Multiscale(More)
Conduction in the heart requires gap junctions. In mammalian ventricular myocytes these consist of connexin43 (Cx43). Hearts of non-hibernating species display conduction disturbances at reduced temperatures. These may exacerbate into lethal arrhythmias. Hibernating species are protected against these arrhythmias by a non-resolved mechanism. To analyze(More)
This paper presents a new method for exemplar-based image inpainting using transformed patches. We build upon a recent affine invariant self-similarity measure which automatically transforms patches to compare them in an appropriate manner. As a consequence, it intrinsically extends the set of available source patches to copy information from. When(More)