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Conduction in the heart requires gap junctions. In mammalian ventricular myocytes these consist of connexin43 (Cx43). Hearts of non-hibernating species display conduction disturbances at reduced temperatures. These may exacerbate into lethal arrhythmias. Hibernating species are protected against these arrhythmias by a non-resolved mechanism. To analyze(More)
In this paper we study the problem of comparing two patches of images defined on Riemannian manifolds which in turn can be defined by each image domain with a suitable metric depending on the image. For that we single out one particular instance of a set of models defining image similarities that was earlier studied in [C. Ballester et al. using an(More)
The most perspective way of reduction of solid waste on board the ship is to modify the system of food supplies. The new system must provide for food which is completely ready for use or contain semi-finished products which need few cookery. The food packings must be easily utilized or recycled. The existing amount of garbage on board the ship will be(More)
The possibility of using the complement fixation test and, mainly, the indirect hemagglutination test with the use of group-specific diagnostic reagents for the tentative serological detection of urogenital chlamydiasis has been studied. The indirect hemagglutination test has proved to be sufficiently informative. Further investigation aimed at the study of(More)