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BACKGROUND The positron-emitting radionuclide (89)Zr (t(1/2) = 3.17 days) was used to prepare (89)Zr-radiolabeled trastuzumab for use as a radiotracer for characterizing HER2/neu-positive breast tumors. In addition, pharmacodynamic studies on HER2/neu expression levels in response to therapeutic doses of PU-H71 (a specific inhibitor of heat-shock protein 90(More)
A modular system for the construction of radiometalated antibodies was developed based on the bioorthogonal cycloaddition reaction between 3-(4-benzylamino)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine and the strained dienophile norbornene. The well-characterized, HER2-specific antibody trastuzumab and the positron emitting radioisotopes (64)Cu and (89)Zr were employed as a model(More)
Persson M. PhD thesis. Towards uPAR as a new imaging biomarker: development and characterization of radiolabeled ligands targeting uPAR in human cancer xenograft mice models for PET imaging and therapy. Defended on March 22, 2013. University of Copenhagen. Reichkendler M. PhD thesis. Dose-response effects of endurance training on metabolic risk and regional(More)
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