Vadakkenadayil I Mathan

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Lipid peroxidation in vitro was tested by malonaldehyde production in gastrointestinal mucosa and compared with other tissues. It was observed that gastrointestinal mucosa was resistant to both non-enzymatic and enzymatic lipid peroxidation. This was due to the presence of an inhibitor of lipid peroxidation in the membranous fractions of intestinal mucosa.(More)
BACKGROUND The risk for colorectal cancer (CRC) in ulcerative colitis (UC) in India is not known. METHOD Retrospective cohort from a tertiary level hospital in South India. Analysis of archived records of all patients with UC who underwent colonoscopy and segmental biopsies over the last 25 years. Incidence densities and risk of developing high grade(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of intestinal protozoal and helminthic infection in a rural population. METHOD Seventy-eight members of 15 families from a village were studied. Stool samples from all subjects were examined on alternate days for one month. RESULTS The overall prevalence rate of various parasitic infections was 97.4%, with only 2 of(More)
The inactivation of digoxin by conversion to reduced metabolites (digoxin reduction products, or DRP), a function of the anaerobic gut flora, was studied in normal volunteers from southern India and the United States. Digoxin was metabolised to DRP by 28 (13.7%) of 204 healthy south Indians in contrast to 67 (36.0%) of 186 New Yorkers (p less than 1 X(More)
In mid-1994, the public water supply was investigated in a medium-sized town in south India during an epidemic of cholera due to Vibrio cholerae O139. Vibrio cholerae O139 was isolated from the public water supply including one of the wells supplying the town, the central overhead tank, and domestic taps connected to the public supply. Following(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal tuberculosis and Crohn's disease are chronic granulomatous disorders that are difficult to differentiate histologically. AIMS To characterise distinctive diagnostic features of tuberculosis and Crohn's disease in mucosal biopsy specimens obtained at colonoscopy. METHODS Selected histological parameters were evaluated(More)
Rotaviruses were detected in 163 of 916 (17.8%) specimens collected from children under 3 years of age with gastroenteritis in Vellore, South India, between August 1983 and July 1985. Rotaviruses were detected throughout the study period, with a peak prevalence in December to February (winter) and June to August (southwest monsoon season). A total of 117(More)
Faecal concentrations and output of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) were assessed on successive days by gas-liquid chromatography in 24 patients with acute watery diarrhoea. Absorption of water and sodium from the rectum was also measured by a dialysis technique in 17 of these patients and in nine normal subjects in the presence and absence of luminal SCFA.(More)