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Language modularity with the MPS language workbench
This demo will show MPS based on mbeddr C, a novel approach for embedded software development that makes use of incremental language extension on the basis of C. Expand
JetBrains MPS as a tool for extending Java
This tool paper introduces MPS and shows how its novel approach can be applied to Java development, with special attention to the ability to modularize and compose languages. Expand
Classification Algorithms Framework (CAF) to Enable Intelligent Systems Using JetBrains MPS Domain-Specific Languages Environment
This research presents a Framework of Classification Algorithms at system-level that enables quick experimentation with several different algorithms from Naive Bayes to Logistic Regression and its wide applicability will contribute to enabling the larger vision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in context. Expand
Experiences with Teaching MPS in Industry: Towards Bringing Domain Specific Languages Closer to Practitioners
A set of challenges faced while teaching language engineering technologies in the industry are presented and a curriculum containing increasingly complex topics and an approach, which combines classical trainings with continuous coaching either remotely or on site are developed. Expand
INGRID : Creating Languages in MPS from ANTLR Grammars
JetBrains MPS is a language workbench, an IDE that allows developers both to write code and create language definitions. It leverages the concept of projectional editing, where the developer directlyExpand
AdaptiveVLE: An Integrated Framework for Personalized Online Education Using MPS JetBrains Domain-Specific Modeling Environment
This article contains the design and development of an Adaptive Virtual Learning Environment (AdaptiveVLE) framework to assist educators of all disciplines with creating adaptive VLEs tailored toExpand