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The formation of gaseous giant planets is thought to occur in the first few million years after stellar birth. Models predict that the process produces a deep gap in the dust component (shallower in the gas). Infrared observations of the disk around the young star HD 142527 (at a distance of about 140 parsecs from Earth) found an inner disk about 10(More)
Several dams have been built in central and north Argentina. There are more than 20 reservoirs in Córdoba province, with a total estimated surface area of around 15,000 ha. Although construction of dams continues, some aspects about the richness, abundance and diversity of ichthyofauna in many of these environments are unknown, which prevents adequate(More)
The cavitation field in a cylindrical vessel bottom-insonified by a 19.7kHz large area transducer is studied experimentally. By adding controlled amounts of Poly-Ethylene Glycol (PEG) to water, the viscosity of the liquid is varied between one- and nine-fold the viscosity of pure water. For each liquid, and for various displacement amplitudes of the(More)
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