Va Tran Minh

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PURPOSE To evaluate the influence of various parameters on peak systolic velocity in the transplanted renal artery and to define the normal range of peak systolic velocity. MATERIAL AND METHODS Color Doppler ultrasonographic (US) findings in 105 patients were reviewed. There were no clinical or biologic findings suggestive of a stenosis in the(More)
PURPOSE Central nervous (CNS) involvement in SLE is common and can be evaluated with MRI. The primary goal of this study was to evaluate with high-field MRI the CNS involvement in a series of SLE patients with or without neuropsychiatric symptoms. The secondary goal was to detect a possible relationship between MRI and clinical or biological parameters in(More)
The goal of this study was to assess the value of a three-dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography (3D PC MRA) for diagnosing transplant renal artery stenosis (TRAS). Twelve consecutive patients clinically suspected of having TRAS were prospectively enrolled during a period of 18 months. Delays from transplantation varied from 3 months to 4(More)
An hemorrhagic shock caused by spontaneous spleen rupture in a 14 year old child with a congenital afibrinogenemia is reported. A conservative treatment was carried out with perfusions of whole blood and fibrinogen and with regular echographic examinations and a splenectomy was avoided.
OBJECTIVES To correlate changes of cranial vault measurements of an adult population during the aging process with brain size using the maximum width of the third ventricle in the axial AC-PC plane. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prospective study of 126 adult subjects (range: 20 to 80 years) with normal brain MRI and without history of neuropsychiatric disorder.(More)
A pituitary adenoma was removed transsphenoidally from a 20-yr-old woman with secondary amenorrhea, galactorrhea, and hyperprolactinemia. Light and electronic microscopy, immunocytology characterized a prolactin cell tumor. The patient also underwent three surgical explorations for hyperparathyroidism. Only after selective catheterization of thyroid veins(More)
Pancreatic, hepatic and intestinal troubles occurred in a 8 year-old acrogeria girl who was treated for Wilm's tumor by cobalt therapy at 2 1/2 years. Complete obstruction of the coeliac trunk and proximal superior mesenteric artery was shown, associated with hypoplasia of the abdominal aorta and its collaterals in the irradiated areas. Acrogeria might(More)