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We present the theoretical and experimental data on the performance of the novel fiber-optic refractometric sensor that employs the hemispherical optical detection element. We exploit the sensitivity of internal reflection of light on the element’s spherical surface to the refractive index of the surrounding medium, several internal reflections in series,(More)
We present a ray-tracing application in the modeling of an optical detection element employed as a sensor of refractive index of surrounding fluids or gases. The detection element is a solid glass microstructure having a surface of the second order. We exploit the sensitivity of internal reflection of light on the element’s surface to the refractive index(More)
The application of a synthesized spatially periodic multi-harmonic optical field in a laser Doppler anemometer is considered. The present technique is aimed at increasing the velocity measurement range of the instrument. This is particularly important in blood flow measurement applications. The probe field is formed by the holographic technique employing(More)
Changes in protein synthesis in the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals, liver, myocardium, and femoral muscle during exposure to thermal factor were studied. Protein synthesis was activated in all studied tissues during the initial period of exposure to environmental temperatures of 35 and 40°C. At higher temperature (45°C) the synthesis was notably(More)
The effect of cooling of animals on phosphorylation of proteins in hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenals, was studied in white mice. The regulation of protein phosphorylation in cells during hypothermia was carried out via the adenylate cyclase system in all these structures. The calcium-calmodulin system took part in this process in hypothalamus and(More)
Composition of the polypeptides translocated by the axonal transport in the lumbar splanchnic and hypogastric nerves before and after total section of these nerves was studied in the model of the inferior mesenteric ganglion with pre- and postganglionic nerve trunks. The data obtained suggest presence of the orthograde axonal transport of specific proteins(More)
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