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From the three Eustachian tube (ET) functions: middle ear protection, secretion clearance and middle ear ventilation, the ventilatory function is unanimously considered the most important one, because proper hearing is established only when tympanic membrane compliance is normal. This requires equilibrium between the middle ear and ambient gas pressure,(More)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOs) is a public health important disease, affecting one in five women at reproductive age. The clinical implications include reproductive, metabolic and psychological features. This article reviews the literature data related to the new metabolic and hormonal mechanisms in PCOs. Recognizing the real diagnostic of PCOs, using the(More)
This review presents the pharmacotherapeutic approaches available in the treatment of glaucomatous optic neuropathy. Although its etiology is multi-factorial, currently, the main therapy is to decrease intraocular pressure. New therapies are being developed; the current trend is a retinal ganglion cell neuroprotection. Neuroprotection is achieved by(More)
INTRODUCTION The first stage of this nationwide study and analysis of the occupational burnout and psychological risk parameters showed a high consistency of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal accomplishment for doctors working in Emergency Departments and Emergency and Resuscitation Services. These workers were then set in the highest(More)
The paper discusses the connection between emergence, pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics, focusing on the similarity between discrete patterns and fractal structures, and then describes different solutions to model reaction-diffusion systems as representative processes in morphogenesis. A specific example is the diffusion limited aggregation growth(More)
In principle, the development of medicine (including the Romanian health system) is primarily dependent on the level of funding and the efficiency with which this funding is used, the structure of the population and socio-economic development of the geographical area concerned, and not least, the attitudes and expectations of patients, which in turn(More)
Today, health care consumers are taking more control over their health care problems, investing more time in finding and getting information as well as looking for proper methods in order to investigate more closely the health care information received from their physicians. Unfortunately, in health care consumers' views, the trustworthiness of health(More)
During the transition period, the Romanian medical system, subject (like other areas) to a process of reform, had to go through a difficult path, not without obstacles (malpractice, underfunding, embezzlement scandals in the media etc.). Consequently, Romania has faced (and unfortunately still is still facing) the massive exodus of health professionals to(More)
To meet the shortfalls caused by the economic crisis, the Romanian medical system needed an objective analysis of the quality of medical care as a whole, of the entire package of health services as well as accountable joint efforts to identify system problems and, especially, firm action without compromising resolution, regardless of any limitations or(More)
The orientation towards one of the marketing policies with a major impact in organizations providing healthcare services, requires a careful analysis of the needs and aspirations of customers, targeting those patients whose needs the service organization can achieve through the existing resources at the respective health facility, finding the most effective(More)