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Spirometabolic complex design
The problems of calorimetry is discussed, the requirements to apparatus maintenance are formulated. The basic reasons influencing accuracy of measurement in rest energy expenditure are revealed andExpand
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Development of educational laboratory complex for microprocessor technology
The universal educational laboratory complex is described. The complex is the device with three objects of studying: the x86 architecture microprocessor, the MCS51 family microcontroller, the CPLDExpand
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Spectrum analysis of vocalization application for voice pathology detection
In this paper we present an approach to identify pathological disorders of larynx using spectrum analysis of speech samples. Expand
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Design of new nonlinear optical niobates and iodates
Interrelation of crystal chemistry parameters, structure and nonlinear optical properties of the niobate and iodate crystals has been established. The combination of chemical bond lengths in theseExpand
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The automated test setup of the cycling of electrochemical cells
The modular automated electrochemical cells cycling in galvanostatic and galvanostatic intermittent titration techniques test setup, having a wide range of determined currents of the charge/dischargeExpand
The microprocessor CO/sub 2/ concentration sensor based on heterostructure optopairs
Some variants of realization of capnometric sensors based on heterostructure optopairs are presented. Parameters of optical system are calculated. Characteristics of sensors are investigated.Expand
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K5045 klystrons control system module with the CAN-interface based on PLD
K5045 klystron and a klystron modulator control system module hardware sample was developed. The program realizing the basic operation algorithm in VHDL was written. CAN-core in PLD was simulated.
Speech Formation Objectivisation Methods Development and Analysis for Correct Phonation Diagnostics
In connection with various infringements speech production people have requirement for development of methods of an objective estimation of the vocal apparatus functional condition. Expand
Tellurium melt crystallization study by differential-ray radiation and thermal analysis method
Phase transformation and melt crystallization can be accompanied by the appearance of electric charges on crystallization front, acoustical (AE), electron (EE), electromagnetic (EME) emission, orExpand
Device for CMOS image sensor data reading and image processing with TMS320C6713 Texas instruments DSP
An extension board with CMOS image sensor was developed to connect to evaluation board DSK6713; software for the system to perform spot test analysis of image intensifier tube screen was developed using Code Composer Studio 3.0. Expand